Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WHAT'S ON MY EASEL: Working with Pan Pastels -- Adding and Refining

Intensifying colors, refining details
I'm learning a lot about working with this medium, mostly that I needed to use a substrate with a lot more tooth than Stratford's Series 400 Pastel Paper. I also wish I'd used a much larger substrate; 10" x 12" doesn't give me enough space to work in a more painterly fashion with the Swifft® "brushes" (sponge applicators); they are too large for such a small format. (Hmmm; I wonder what would happen if I tried honing one with an X-Acto knife. They're cheap little buggers...nothing ventured, nothing gained.) Then too I'm fighting the illustration-like image that is evolving but I don't seem to be having much success.  Still, I do like working with these pastels, mostly because of their potential for expressive marks. 

Adding details
I'll take this to its conclusion, if only to complete the experiment and, if I have time, do it again on a larger substrate, one with more tooth. I'm also planning on adding to my palette; I want to experiment with their "tint" pans. 

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