Monday, June 17, 2013

WHAT'S ON MY EASEL: More of Experimenting with Pan Pastels

Phase 2: Refining proportions, adding shadows
After yesterday's initial blocking in, I've started refining proportions and adding a few shadows...mostly as reference points. I tend to work from the middle tones outward so I'll gradually be adding the lights and darks. I'm impressed with how easily the Pan Pastels erase with a kneadable eraser. I've also learned that I'm being much too energetic when I swipe my Swifft "brushes" over the colors. There's really no need to do that, and it creates too much dust. 

I'm working on Strathmore's 400 Series Pastel Paper. I wish I'd used something with more body to it; this stuff is too flimsy for the way I work.

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