Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A RARE COPY OF ANOTHER'S COLUMN (reprinted with permission)

by Judy Westergard
pastel on paper
customizable giclees available through
"Is your life a spinning top?
Do you find yourself overwhelmed with information?
Are there just too many choices and options?"
These are the words that opened a column by Cinda Columb in the Winter '10 issue of "Expressing TOSCA" magazine (page 58; reprinted with permission). Her questions grabbed me like Velcro® grabs a wool scarf. If like me, you relate to this particular challenge, you might be interested in what Columb has to say:
"I feel snowed under when I open my email inbox and find over 800 unopened messages. You see, I'm a big of an information junkie; I sign up for way too many newsletters thinking, 'This will give me the secret to increased sales, solve problem A, or whatever the pitch may be.' When life starts to feel like a spinning top, my goal is to keep it as upright as possible, all the while spinning without toppling over. Does that sound like your goal as well? I love to help people find ways to simplify their life so that decision-making becomes easier and choices become clearer. There are two quick and simple exercises I recommend to my clients to achieve this. The first step...is discovering what you are good at, those things you do naturally and effortlessly. One easy way to recognize yours is by buying the book, StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath. The purchase of this book offers an online assessment, which after completing tells you your top five talent themes. A question I ask my clients is, 'What are your core values?' The following link offers a values card sort exercise that offers a number of value words or phrases for you to distinguish the five core values that guide your life: http://oca.cce.umn.edu/prototypes/cardsort/values. When I completed this exercise, I recognized a theme that is part of the motivating fulcrum that keeps my top spinning smoothly. Remember at the beginning I mentioned signing up for too many online offerings? Well, one of my values is pursuing new truths and understandings. Ah ha, that makes sense. My other values revolve around working with and helping others. I enjoy being in a position to help others recognize self-limiting attitudes and to make changes that increase the quality of their lives. When I incorporate these values into business, volunteer opportunities and life in general, I am happier. These values validate the education and career choices I have made that bring me to this time in life: I coach individuals and teams in the business of life in order to live successfully ever after! How are your values and choices aligning?"

Cinda Columb, MA, is the owner of the coaching business
“Successfully Ever After.” Cinda has a Master of Arts and her
coaching certification from Adler Graduate School. She works
with individuals and teams who want to maximize their strengths
to increase harmony and productivity. She facilitates inter-active
workshops and is a motivating speaker. Cinda can be reached at
763-449-0127 or cindacolumb@comcast.net.

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Janice said...

Hi Judy! A very thought provoking posting...thank you for sharing it.

Your painting is lovely. I love the earthtone palette :)