Sunday, May 9, 2010


'What an artist is trying to do for people is bring them closer to something,
because of course art is about sharing: you wouldn't be an artist
unless you wanted to share an experience, a thought.'
David Hockney

I've written earlier about the classes in botanical watercolor I've been taking under the excellent tutelage of Marilyn Garber, founder of the Minnesota School of Botanical Artists. I wrote about how surprised I was to discover a discipline I didn't expect to fall in love with and about my discovery of an intense pleasure in a zen-like, focused experience. Just me, nature's gorgeous colors, and my paint brush.
I'd love to share with you the results of my studies. I'll be hanging these new watercolors in time for
May 14th, 5:00 - 10:00 pm
May 15th, Noon - 8:00 pm
May 16th, Noon - 5:00 pm
Northrup King Building
Studio 343
In addition I'll be offering for the first time ever an Art-A-Whirl special--50% off of selected oil paintings. If you're in the Twin Cities area the weekend of May 14, I hope you'll stop in. I'd love to visit with you!

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