Sunday, April 18, 2010


Spring Tulips
by Judy Westergard
22" x 15"
watercolor on Fabriano 300# hot press
all rights reserved
available as giclee from FineArtAmerica

Spring in my hometown has been (insert your favorite superlative here; they all fit). My peonies are setting buds almost a full month early. The miniature crabapple in the back yard is promising a spectacular show of deep pink blossoms. The cardinals are staking out their territories and claiming their mates. Their bright flashes of red among the pale yellow leaves of my ash tree never fail to enthrall me. I spent a couple of joy-filled hours today in my garden. Psychologists tell us that when it comes to evoking memory, our sense of smell can’t be beat. And sure enough, a couple of whiffs of that warm soil and I was back in the tiny greenhouse my dad used for potting tomatoes and peppers. If I were good...and I mean really, really good (which didn’t happen too often; after all I had a kid brother to torment), I’d get to help my dad transplant fragile tomato seedlings to larger pots. I felt very important and very special. But unlike my dad, I don’t grow much in the way of anything humanly edible. My garden tends to run to perennials, and in the spring, it becomes a buffet of tulips that crows and squirrels love. Luckily this year I was able to nab a few blossoms before all that was left were the stems. I hope you enjoy the resulting watercolor as much as I enjoyed painting it.

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