Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Being a Woman With a Brain Tumor

It has been a little over 24 hours since I received the phone call that confirmed the MRI results. I have a brain tumor. According to the radiologist it is most likely benign. My neuro-ophthalmologist explained why that was so and said lots of other reassuring things but to go into all of that isn't my purpose here. Rather, I'm changing the focus of my blog from musings about art, books, and recipes to how art, books, and recipes affect my take on being A Woman With a Brain Tumor. Conversely, I hope I can gain some insight into how being A.W.W.B.T. affects my art, my reading, and yes, even my cooking. Who knows? Maybe I'll be able to get a few more restaurant meals out of all of this! Of course my main goal is to make some sense out of this major life-changing event and deal with it with grace, humility, and good humor. (Please Lord...help me avoid turning into a Poor Pitiful Pearl!) I’ve given a lot of thought about whether to "go public" with this. I've already informed all the folks in my life who should know, so why a public blog? As usual, my favorite sounding board (AKA my husband) clarified my thoughts for me: "You're more likely to keep writing if you believe there's someone out there who wants to share your experiences. And you've already discovered that you won't keep up a private journal. So go for it!" Wise man, that husband. So here I go, mapless, off on the kind of journey I never thought I’d take. But lack of a map didn't stop Lewis and Clark and by golly, it’s not going to stop me.


Janice said...

Judy you are indeed a wonderful and strong woman. I am so happy that your husband encouraged you to go public on your blog about your brain tumor. We who blog together are in a way another type of family. It helps to get your feelings and emotions in writing. Seeing them in black and white somehow helps us to get control of our lives again and stay in control. My prayers and thoughts will be with you everyday and I will be checking your blog daily to keep in touch and give you my support.

risa said...

BIG stuff...I'm at a loss for what to say, but just want to offer support and encourage you to keep writing here...it's good to get things out and I'm sure you'll find many supportive ears here.