Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I know; I promised that I'd post pix of my basement "studio," AKA my oil painting work area. But I keep getting waylaid...lately with some experimental work that's far out of my comfort zone. What happened is that in thinking about and cleaning up my work spaces, I came across art supplies that I'd forgotten I had. That, combined with a stack of paper I made in the last 4 weeks and my close following of California artist Myrna Wacknov ( lured me into water color collages. I'm both excited and intimidated by the improvisation that this kind of work demands. But I'm discovering that it's that "push me/pull you" tension that I love. Will I continue in this vein? Darned if I know, but I'm sure learning a lot by experimenting.


Sara J. said...

Wow!! Love it.

Kathleen Daughan said...

Love this Judy. The "paintings" and your thought process. Wonder where this will go??