Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting to the Punchline

I've struggled for such a very long time with the idea of "finding my voice" that I had given up on reading any more on that subject, figuring that, for me at least, it was a hopeless search. Nevertheless, I gave it one more try when I found an article that offered this idea: "Before you sit down to (paint, sculpt, write), jot down a few words or phrases about what it is about your chosen subject that grabs your attention." I've completed three paintings after following that tip; it seems to work! I painted "Getting to the Punchline" from separate photographs. But before I even picked up my brushes, I stared long and hard at the photos. Recollections of parties last summer intensified my memories. I wrote down words that flashed from my imagination to my hand: 'sunshine/shadows', 'triangle implies relationship', 'affection'; and yes...even 'dirty jokes.' I've learned that struggling to find my voice is indeed a means of getting to the punchline. Now if only I could recall the source of that article; I'd love to credit and thank the author.

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