Thursday, December 30, 2010


sketch painted with
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Water Color Sticks

I’ve written about childhood events, travel adventures, favorite foods. I’ve nattered on about the anxiety, the malaise, and my overwhelming sense of good fortune as I underwent what I’ve come to call The Summer of My Brain Tumor. But I’ve never written about a favorite new art product, so even though this is going to sound like a paid ad (it isn’t; I have no connection with the manufacturer), I want to let you know about Daniel Smith Extra Fine Water Color Sticks. These are amazing. They react really well with water, releasing creamy, rich colors. The pigment-packed colors are highly transparent, allowing you to build layer upon layer. They interact beautifully with traditional water colors, both pan and tube styles. You can apply them directly to paper and wet later with a brush; you can dip them in water then paint; and you can wet your brush and stroke the stick. You’ll get exciting and varied results no matter what you do. They’re perfect for travel. I did the sketch above with three colors of the sticks; I started with a pale first coat of hansa yellow light. Next coat was a combination of the same yellow and ultramarine blue, thus giving me a lovely green. After that I played with various combinations of pure sap green and and combo of sap green and ultramarine blue. The sketch isn’t done yet...probably never will be. But I’m so excited about these “toys” that I wanted to get this out there. Let's paint!

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