Friday, December 18, 2009


Green Pepper Three Views
shown in one of 125 frame options
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Fine Art America
I took my first art class about 12 years ago through the University of Minnesota's most excellent Split Rock Arts Program. I thought I wanted a writing workshop. But I had just completed an intense six weeks of teaching writing to high school students and had finally finished reading and grading their papers. As I looked over the Split Rock course offerings, I knew I wasn't ready for more writing, even if it would be me as the student. Then I saw it: "Drawing for the Truly Terrified." Wow. If that didn't define me, nothing did! Long story short...I came back from a magical week at Cloquet, Minnesota, told my husband I "just want to run into that little art store in St. Paul for a few supplies," and emerged an hour later with easel, paints, and ideas popping out of my pores. Fast forward to November '09. Ready for another challenge and still terrified at starting something new (will I ever grow past this?), I dared myself to enroll in Marilyn Garber's "Intro to Botanical Painting" class at Silverwood Park (one of the magnificent Three Rivers Parks). My theory was that if one wants to become a really good jazz player, one would be wise to study classical music. Botanical watercolors, to my way of thinking, would be analogous to classical piano. But a watercolorist? of fruits, vegetables, and leaves? No way. I was adamantly certain that never would I want to delve into this area of art. HAH! Garber, a knowledgeable teacher and a gifted artist, had me in her thrall from the get-go. Will I go back to my oils? You bet. But not for a while.

Maple Leaf
shown framed
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Fine Art America

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