Friday, September 5, 2008


I recently finished The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Cameron blends philosophy, advice, and self-exploration inthis 12 week course in "discovering and recovering your creative self." It's aimed at writers, painters, knitters, filmmakers...everyone who wants to take their creativity further. I'd heard a lot about it from friends. I didn't really believe I'd get much out of it. I was wrong.

I'd been stuck for several weeks...organizing paints, rearranging my prop cupboard, staring at my drawing board. I've done this before; my most serious block was during my sophomore year at the U of M. Instead of attending classes, I spent hours in Shevlin Hall, drinking coffee, smoking (you understand this was the early '60's), my only goal to discover how much ink it would take to cover every bit white on a blank sheet of notebook paper. (Answer? Enough to get myself on scholastic probation, but that 's another story.) Almost half a century later and stuck once more in the doldrums, I caved and bought Cameron's book. This just ain't the kind of thing I do! Did it work? You be the judge.

I'm exploring a new series with the working title of "Scenes from a Children's Book for a Child Not Yet Fledged." I'm excited!

You Can't Go Home Again

Oil, 24" x 24"

"Hands On: People at Work" features my series, "A Show of Hands: Hands as Portraiture"
Details at Water and Oil Gallery

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Michelina said...

Dear Judy,

Natalie Goldberg *and* Julia Cameron? Talk about synchronicity.

I participated in, and later facilitated, creativity groups based on TAW in Massachusetts (my native state). In between that time, I went to Taos, NM for The Artist's Way Creativity Camp. This was in late September/early October of 2000. Julia herself led a long workshop every day. It was a trajectory-altering experience. I'm glad you found is helpful as well.