Thursday, January 23, 2014


"Lapis" (monoprint)

"Lazuli" (monoprint)

Like folks in so much of the country, we Minnesotans continue to be besieged by the polar vortex. (I refuse to capitalize those words!) Even something as effortless as taking out the trash becomes a challenge when wind chills are a negative 35F. I'm encased in so many layers of wool that I feel vaguely mummified. My studio is too cold to linger in and yet the lure of my paintbrush is seductive. As a result, I've turned to prints; not the kind that are copies of an original but rather mono-prints...made with a brayer and ink. It's a fast, messy, delightful  process. The outcome is not predictable, and that's more than half the fun!

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Sara Johnson said...

Those are stunning!!