Friday, October 25, 2013


“The word 'museum' gets its origin from the Greek word “mouseion,” meaning “seat of the muses.” It originated as a place to discuss philosophy, mathematics, science, and politics.”
(Wish I could remember where I found this quote.)

  Art Attack (location, dates & hours below) is a lot of fun. Who knows? You just might find yourself discussing philosophy, art, books, et al. We’re a diverse collection of artists, and the folks who visit our building are even more so.
  What’s new this year? Glad you asked. A few months ago, in a rare moment of cleaning, I came across the catalog I bought at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum  in Taos.
Her in-depth and thoughtful renderings of flowers, combined with the botanical watercolor classes I’ve been taking, inspired me to try my hand at flowers in oil. (That would be painting them in oils...not dipping them in WD40.) The result is a series I’m calling “Georgia On My Mind: An Homage to Georgia O’Keeffe.” (Ya gotta have a title, right?)
  You'll find me and gallery mate Darrell Hagan in Gallery 427. (Take the elevator near Dock 6.)
  Also new this year -- Sun Gallery (Studio 451, just down the hallway from me)  plans to become exclusively an online store. All items in the store will be reduced by 15% to 70% for this sale. They will continue to offer Chinese art and antiques and consultant services.  The Sun Gallery is as close to going through a Chinese museum -- in China! -- as you’re likely to get. This is an amazing place!

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