Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The patio at Silverwood Park is a busy place this morning. Over in the corner a college professor perches at the edge of her chair. Papers, notebooks, laptop clutter her table as she plans upcoming lectures. Four of Silverwood Park's staff sit nearby. They're working out the details for Silverwood's upcoming art programs. Behind me two professional violinists trade riffs and ideas while they polish their repertoire of Appalachian reels. The sounds of children's giggles and a fresh breeze off the lake mingle with the aroma of my cappuccino. Some people might think of this as sensory overload. For me it's pure inspiration. The sight of the planners. the sounds of the kids, the feel of the breeze and the seductive smell of caffeine trigger both my imagination and an irresistible desire to get back to my studio and paint. The result is the image above. I hope you like it.

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