Thursday, March 31, 2011


When I sign an email I include my studio address and contact info. Lately I've been adding a tag line: "Oils, Watercolors, and a Few Artsy Experiments." I'm hoping that "artsy experiments" will explain the variety in the work visitors see in my studio. I've been criticized for that variety: "You'll never get gallery representation, Judy," I've been told. "You need to stick to one voice." But if I ain't happy, the fam damily ain't happy, and what makes me happy is trying new things. So here, for what it's worth, are the two extremes of what I'm working on now. As I say in my brochures, "I paint what I love, and what I love is as varied as the music of the Manhattan Transfer. My mother would have said that I just get bored easily. As the kids say, "Whatever."

Primrose Leaves
Watercolor on Fabriano 300# paper

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mindy said...

OOOo..I love them-but the leaves take my breath away