Sunday, January 23, 2011


I thought I was dealing with the brain tumor thing so well. But it wasn’t until my follow-up MRI in early January that I realized how lethargic I’d become. With “proof positive” that the tumor is indeed dying, I find myself energized and eager for each new day. I'm painting (the watercolor above is one of several I've been working on), baking, writing, planning, moving into a new studio...buoyancy! enthusiasm! stamina! I had spent the majority of my days between June and January reading...and even then I'd look off and stare into space...tired; napped a lot. So...the question is, how can we know if we're dealing with stress when we don't recognize that we're stressed? I’d always thought that there would be some kind of emotional awareness that I was not dealing well with things. I discovered that for me, it’s a matter of looking for differences in my day-to-day activities. It’s obvious that even in my mid-60’s I still have lots to learn!

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