Saturday, October 30, 2010


NOVEMBER 5 5:00pm - 10:00 PM
NOVEMBER 6 noon - 8:00 PM
NOVEMBER 7 noon - 5:00 PM
1500 Jackson St., N.E. Minneapolis, MN 55413

November is comin' on fast and so is Art Attack, when the 200+ artists, clothing and furniture designers, photographers, and sculptors in the Northrup King Building open their studio doors to visitors and collectors alike. There'll be lots going on. I'm excited about what the Northeast Journal called "The Chamber of Steel. "Windowless Studio 459 is wall-to-wall galvanized steel...the perfect place for a huge magnetic poetry gig. According to Gregory J. Scott, Northeast Journal reporter, "...Minneapolis resident and wordsmith Dave Kapell spent a recent afternoon slapping hundreds of oversized word magnets on the chamber's cold sporadically mineral-stained walls. Kapell invented magnetic poetry--well, as much as one can invent the process of cutting up phrases in order trorearrange their words...." After you've placed your creative writing on the wall (or just enjoyed the random thoughts of others), wander down to the gallery (studio 332) where you’ll enjoy “The Nature of Ice.” This multi-artist exhibition captures the ephemeral beauty of ice in nature will be on display the entire weekend. The gallery is only a few steps away from Studio 343 where studio mates Loretta Bebeau (works on sheet rock) and Gloria Cooper (Hebrew script in acrylics) and I would love to see you and to have you see our work. I'm moving away from the hands I’ve been painting for three years and into botanical water colors. I’ve also created a lot more of my miniatures in oil. These little gems, none larger than 3" x 4", come with a wooden easel. They make great hostess gifts and stocking stuffers. And at $25 each, they're also a great way to start your own gallery of orginal art at minimal investment.

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