Thursday, September 30, 2010

ON LIVING WITH A BRAIN TUMOR Day 118: This Story's Done!

(Warning: The photo below is not for the squeamish. Consider yourself warned.)
I'm slowly emerging from the wanging headache, the vague nausea, and emotional fog through which I've been drifting over the past 24 hours, so this entry is a short one...just enough to say that Tuesday's gamma-knife surgery was successful. After a couple of hours debating whether the procedure was safe, the four medical gurus in charge of my case decided that yes, they would proceed. (Thank goodness! The alternative would have been daily zaps of radiation for about a month. Groan....) Anyway, it's been quite a trip, and knowing that folks have been reading these posts has gone a long way in helping me to get through it. I'm processing the experience and if I can come up with anything profound, insightful, or even funny, I'll post it
here. Right now, suffice it to say that I'm one happy trekker! Tired, but happy.

We're considering using PhotoShop
to paste Santa Lucia candles
on the head cage.
On second thought...maybe not.


mindy said...

But why do you look so carefree and happy?

risa said...

Hope your recovery continues to be trouble-free and you're back to art-making soon!