Thursday, July 22, 2010


An odd combination of "needs" has resulted in my experimentions with digital painting. Those needs? Glad you asked. First of all, I absolutely need to make stuff. (My spouse recently observed that I'd probably implode if I couldn't work with my hands.) The other need has been to keep my surroundings clean, clean, clean. I suspect what I'm really after is a sense of control. certainly is impeding my desire to slop around with oils and watercolors. The solution has been to play with digital painting...a whole new discipline, a whole new route of experimentation and discovery. Here's my first result. Well...not the first; it's closer to #30, but it's the first that I have enough courage to take out in public. (I sure hope it behaves itself.)
If you're interested in considering a framed giclee print, click on the image. It'll take you to Fine Art America where you can play around with mats and frames of your choice. (Even if you choose not to purchase anything, you can have fun playing "gallery curator" which is a lot of fun.)

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Janice said...

Judy this is beautiful and I love the looks so delicate and fragile.