Friday, January 15, 2010


If you are looking for a specific target for your donation to Haitian relief, I'd like to suggest Save the The following information is from their January 15, 2010 email to those of us who are on their mailing list. The link will take you directly to their website from which you can decide whether or not to donate. I hope you do. (I am not associated with Save the Children except as a donor. I was not asked to make this plea on their behalf, nor do I gain anything from having done so other than the fulfillment of a personal need to spread the word.)

"Save the Children staff -- in rubble-strewn Port-au-Prince Haiti -- are estimating that up to two million children have been directly affected by Tuesday’s massive earthquake.
"If you’ve given generously to Save the Children’s relief, you have my deepest gratitude. As the extent of the disaster in Haiti unfolds, donations are greatly needed to allow Save the Children to provide urgently needed response. Medical supplies are being delivered to 14 area hospitals and kits of badly needed supplies have arrived in the stricken city and will be quickly distributed. More international Save the Children relief experts are arriving in Port-au-Prince to take part in lifesaving efforts for children.
"Hour by hour, our response grows. But untold numbers of children are in grave danger because they have little or no shelter or access to medical care. They also face risks of diseases, being separated from their families and exploited.
"It costs us as little as $25 to provide a Hygiene Kit which includes basic items such as rubbing alcohol, soap, toilet tissue, a body towel, sanitary napkins and a toothbrush/toothpaste. For as little $35 we can provide a Shelter Kit that could provide things like a blanket, family mat, mosquito net, a flashlight, Jerry Can, plastic pail and rubber slippers. We are able to set up a Child Friendly Space for as little as $350 to begin to address the unique needs of children during crisis.
"These are just examples of how the donations we receive will be spent. We are assessing the situation and will determine where the need is greatest. Know that your money will be used to do the most good for the children and families in Haiti.
"It’s been less than 72 hours since the catastrophe, and Save the Children is already planning for a five-year, “build back better” commitment hat will keep us by the side of Haitian children and families throughout the very painful months and years that lie ahead.

Thank you on behalf of the children,"

Charles MacCormack
President and CEO
Save the Children

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