Friday, August 21, 2009


"The Gardener"©
by Judy Westergard
oil on canvas
24" x 24"
all rights reserved

It's State Fair Time!
"Our fair is more than food-fest and farm animals.
For these twelve days, we are all of us Gathered together and swept up into one fluid choreography
Of pleasure, tenderness and curiosity"
-- from "We Are All of Us" by Leslie Ball written for the '06 Minnesota State Fair.
Ahhh...the tangy aroma of pronto pups with mustard. The sweet crunch of sugar on your tongue as you bite into a warm mini-donut. The screams of the teenagers from the midway. The lust-filled eyes of the guys at the new car displays. Newborn calves, goats, pigs at the Miracle of Birth barn. The sudden quiet as your cable car gracefully lifts you up and across the fair grounds. All this and ART, ART, ART! I can't say I wasn't tickled to learn that "The Gardener" was accepted into this year's fine arts show. You can see it, along with sculpture and photos, watercolors and pastels at the Fine Arts Building. And as long as you're wandering around the fair grounds, stop in at the Butterfly House. Art pals Jon O. Erikson and Lauri Svedberg were instrumental in the display and art work. Not only is this a great respite from the hullabaloo of the fair, it's a great place to regain that sense of childhood delight as you watch the awed faces of little kids with butterflies on their foreheads, hands and tummies.
It's the Great Minnesota Get Together!
August 27 - Labor Day, 2009
St. Paul, Minnesota

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