Wednesday, February 4, 2009


1:00 pm: Stage 1
I have a long way to go but I can see possibilities.

I've always loved puppets. Hand puppets and marionettes. Howdy Doody and Kookla and Ollie. Johnny, the wonderful character that Senor Wences brought to life with a quick application of lipstick on his folded fist, and of course the disembodied head in a box, whom that retired bullfighter-cum-puppeteer periodically chedked up on ("You all right?" "S'al'right!") But me? An adult who has no kids in her life play with puppets...? Make puppets just for the pure joy of making them? Everything in me shied away at the idea of playing just for the sake of playing.
Then came Christmas and my daughter's gift of The History of Puppetry, a richly photographed book by Eileen Blumenthal, a book I've read three times in six weeks. That book gave me permission to go for it. I sat down in my studio with a bag of instant papier mache and my sketchbook. I came out three hours later with a "rough draft" of a head and an urge to find out why so many of us need a reason to just play. So stop back now and then as I continue to
explore this idea of what it takes to finally play for the sake of playing -- to create for no other reason than to create. Follow along over the next few (days? weeks? months?) as I pursue this long-loved (but possibly short-lived) attempt to channel Julie Taymor.* Most importantly, if you have something to add to this discussion, I'd love to hear from you. I promise to respect your privacy as I compile ideas and report back in this blog. Click on the "About Me" link on the left to get to my email.

*creator of the stage version of "The Lion King"
4:00 pm: Stage 2
I can see a personality emerging.

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