Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cooking 101

"Kiss the Cook"
Watercolor by Judy Westergard
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It’s Thanksgiving morning and the TV chefs are rattling off last minute advice for the home cook who faces the heroic task of living up to the expectation of creating a holiday meal worthy of the center spread in a glossy magazine.

I’ve been cooking for a long time, long enough to be able to put my less-than-stellar attempts into perspective. It’s time to let reality out into the open. So here it version of Cooking 101.
My age: about 12.

Scene: Mom’s kitchen.
Goal: To surprise Mom with stunningly decorated Christmas cookies.
Final product: Greasy orange puddles of inedible dough.
What I learned: Vegetable oil and oil & vinegar salad dressing are not interchangeable.

My age: about 16
Scene: Same kitchen.
Goal: Delicately crisp bacon.
Final product: Dry, blackened strips of leather and a kitchen full of smoke.
What I learned: The length of cooking time between perfect bacon and a near conflagration is considerably less than the time required for a quick primp in the bathroom mirror.

My age: about 24
Scene: My own apartment
Goal: To impress my new husband with our first meal together as husband and wife. The featured entree: broiled beef shanks.
Final product: Dinner out.
What I learned: That our newly installed smoke alarm worked really well. Second lesson: Just because it’s beef doesn’t mean it can be broiled.

My age: about 35
Scene: My kitchen, prepping Thanksgiving dinner for 12.
Goal: A gloriously moist, crisp, done-to-perfection turkey, which would result from carefully following the directions in a glossy magazine: “Cover the bird during the last half of cooking with a cloth which you have soaked in olive oil.”
Final product: One overly rosy bird.
What I learned: Even five years of washings won’t prevent a plaid kitchen towel from fading.

Age: 62
Scene: Same kitchen
Goal: Two pumpkin pies worthy of the center spread in one of those glossy mags.
Final product: One pumpkin pie.
What I learned: It takes a lot of elbow grease to clean up hot pumpkin pie from the kitchen floor.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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